We are entering the next chapter of disruptive growth in customer marketing.

Combine NPS & CLV for true growth

Net promoter score (NPS) first captured the imagination of the C-Suite in the early aughts (2000-2009) due to the customer insights it provided and its simplicity. In a nutshell, it’s a single number that tells companies how satisfied their customers are. Read More

Winning High-Value Customers

  Rosemark, Hathway and Salesforce partnered on a new report:  Winning High-Value Customers: A chain restaurant’s survival guide in the COVID era.

Identifying the Highly Engaged and Highest Value Consumers for Restaurants

  As consumers shift their dining behaviors in the wake of the COVID crisis, restaurant brands able to capture and consolidate meal occasions among the most valuable customers will survive the crisis and be positioned to thrive on the other side. Rosemark has built a Quantitative Persona™ structure for the dining category that identifies the…

Digital Marketers – Don’t allow sheltering in place to strengthen the power of Amazon, Google and Facebook!

  Over the last decade, digital marketers have allowed (and directly enabled) the digital behemoths to become the dominant point of access for consumers to connect to their brands.  During the COVID crisis, this power has only intensified, as consumers now rely almost exclusively on these points of access and delivery to define nearly all…

Some of our core beliefs on how to build and scale an entrepreneurial venture are captured in our best-selling book – Built For Growth, along with a demonstration of how a deeper understanding of why (motivations & preferences) drives behavior.

Discover Your Builder Personality

Our research identified four distinct types of highly successful entrepreneurs across startups and corporate ventures. Each builds differently. Which Type are you?