Marketers leave money on the table by not focusing on why their most valuable customers and prospects behave as they do.

Beliefs are the most powerful drivers of behavior. They influence perceptions, shape motivations, and guide actions.

Understanding them is the path to growth.

"There is no bigger challenge for marketers today than finding ways to combine math and meaning to help marketers connect consumer to brand at the human level"

“Chris and his team have a track record of anticipating and forging elegant solutions to customer marketing challenges."

-Rishad Tobaccowala, author of ‘Restoring the Soul of Business’ and Former Chief Strategist of the Publicis Groupe.

Our Quantitative Persona® system deciphers the causal link between consumers’ beliefs and their interactions, enabling marketers to build, test and optimize more effective growth programs.

We are assembling best-in-class services and technology companies to join the Rosemark platform, which will support the unique culture of each company to enable its growth as an independent brand. Rosemark will create cohesion across the platform through its operational expertise, consumer connection strategy, and its proprietary Quantitative Persona™️ method.

We are building, through acquisition and organic growth, a platform of independent brands with integrated capabilities focused on delivering the insights, services and technology needed to drive customer lifetime value through more personally relevant experiences and communications.

Our Domain & Strategic Focus: We seek to partner with leaders and companies who have built and demonstrated measurable impact with leading marketers in 4 sub-domains:


Customer Marketing Strategy and Program Management

Services companies that build customer engagement and retention strategies and develop personalized communications and programs to build customer lifetime value


Customer Personalization and Loyalty Automation

Platforms and services that enhance the customer experience through personalization and have proven to create enduring customer value


Customer Data Management & Automation

Platforms and services that translate and deploy disparate data into a single view of the customer to create actionable insights that achieve economic impact


Customer Testing, Optimization, Reporting and Analytics

Technology-enabled approaches that have proven to test and optimize personalized customer engagement.  Customer-level analytics that measure business impact.

Because our approach to partnership is based on deep collaboration, we seek to find people and businesses that share our mindset toward the power of customer marketing and the drivers of growth.


Enhancing Consumer Lifetime Value

A focus on translating deep consumer insights into more personally relevant products, messages and offers


Strategic Client Partnership

The talent, credibility, and ability of the team to enhance client economic impact


Deep Vertical Expertise

Expertise and focus on growth within industry verticals (e.g. Dining, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality)


Engaged Company Culture

An intense curiosity about the drivers of consumer behavior and the desire to continually improve client economic impact

Our growth approach derives from our experience as operators, where we learned that deep alignment between leaders can lead to extraordinary outcomes.



At the outset of our relationship, we work with our brands to define the growth plan and its pacing. We bring the deep operational expertise of our Leadership Team and Growth Playbook to accelerate revenue growth, deepen client relationships and drive enterprise value.


Value-added IP
Quantitative Persona™️ Method

We integrate our proprietary personalization method, Rosemark Quantitative Persona™️ Personalization Method, to enable each brand within the Rosemark platform to further enhance its business impact.


Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team works in partnership with our brand leaders to develop and implement proven growth strategies. As experienced entrepreneurs and operators in the sector, we become valuable resources to the brand leadership teams with whom we partner.



Newlight Partners LP, a growth equity investor, will make an equity investment of up to $150 million in Rosemark. Newlight is a private investment firm focused on building businesses with long-term growth potential in partnership with founders and exceptional management teams.

Our growth approach


Building industry expertise and deep consumer insights to solve client business challenges.

Expanding to verticals with higher customer lifetime value like Financial Services and Healthcare in order to tap into larger client marketing budgets.


Shifting from a product sell to a strategic partnership focused on client business impact.

Creating enterprise strategies to drive relevance with senior level marketers to protect against competitive pressures and commodification.


Unlocking the true potential of technology and data to deliver greater relevance to consumers and increase LTV at scale.

Enhancing WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN data with WHY-based insights to provide a truly holistic understanding of the consumer.


Building organizational alignment, processes, and culture that enables growth.

An aligned growth mindset and culture attract and unleash the best talent for scale and impact.

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