As consumers shift their dining behaviors in the wake of the COVID crisis, restaurant brands able to capture and consolidate meal occasions among the most valuable customers will survive the crisis and be positioned to thrive on the other side.

Rosemark has built a Quantitative Persona™ structure for the dining category that identifies the highest engaged and highest value dining consumers based on how their motivations and preferences drive their restaurant chain brand choice.

Value is concentrated: Overall spending and digital ordering is highly concentrated within the target QP clusters


These 2 target QP Clusters not only represent significant opportunity for restaurant brands due to their volume, but they have unique motivations and preferences that drive their outsize volume and digital ordering. Restaurant brands that can personalize their digital ordering experience and marketing communications to these target QPs to drive greater share of meal occasions and greater volume.

The On-the-Go Convenience Seeker QP Cluster are the highest value consumers whose busy lifestyle and preference to eat out vs cooking at home drive their behavior of eating out nearly 40 times per month. They have a high preference for digital ordering and they spread their meal occasions across up to 14 different restaurants per month.


The Social Restaurant Lover QP Cluster are the highest engaged dining consumers. They are actively engaged in loyalty programs and expect frequent updates from their favorite restaurants. They view dining out as an opportunity to socialize with co-workers, friends and family.


Rosemark is partnering with leading marketing services and technology companies to implement QP-based personalization with their dining clients. We look forward to sharing more information on the Rosemark Dining Category Quantitative Persona Structure and identifying opportunities to apply the QP Method to other categories, please contact Rosemark for more details.