Every marketer's challenge: “There’s got to be a way to understand why consumers buy my brand and use that insight to target, tailor, measure and optimize my marketing at scale.”

Proven Growth Strategies Honed Through Rosetta Marketing:

Chris Kuenne and his team grew Rosetta from scratch to $250M in revenue by following 4 key growth strategies: Consulting-led solutions, Vertically Focused Go-to-Market Business, High Performance Growth Culture and Data-driven Personalization.

Rosetta was purchased by Publicis Groupe for $575M.

Consulting-led Client Solutions

Enabling deep why-based consumer insights and personalization to drive marketing activity and revenue growth.

Vertically Focused Go-to-Market Business Units

Led by CMO-level marketers with deep industry expertise and P&L responsibility. 

High Performance Growth Culture

Building integrated, growth-focused teams by aligning the mission and focus on impact across all departments.

Data-driven Next-Gen Personalization

Continuing to evolve tools and approach to consumer insights and next-gen personalization as new data and marketing capabilities evolve.

Uniting Entrepreneurs and Operators with a passion to build the next leader in customer marketing

Rosemark is focused on helping brands build deeper relationships with their consumers that drive greater consumer lifetime value

  • Rosemark Founding Belief

    The next generation of digital marketing will evolve from its current focus on optimizing transactions to enhancing the economics of consumer relationships.

    Chris Kuenne
    Chairman and CEO

  • Rosemark has an Operational Leadership Team with deep industry expertise

    Ned Elton
    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Rosemark is backed by our Growth Equity Partner, Newlight Partners. Rosemark Board Members

    Adam Stulberger

    Adam Stulberger

    Jeremiah Liao

    Jeremiah Liao
    Managing Director

    Asif Dhanani

    Asif Dhanani

  • Built for Growth- How Builder Personality Shapes Your Business, Your Team and Your Ability to Win, co-authored by Chris Kuenne and John Danner, published through Harvard Business Press

    Discover Your Builder Personality.  Our research identified four distinct types of highly successful entrepreneurs across startups and corporate ventures. Each builds differently.

    Built for Growth became a WSJ best seller, #1 new release on Amazon and a Lead Title for Harvard Business Review.

  • Chris Kuenne is also a Lecturer in High Tech Entrepreneurship at Princeton University

    Recognized as one of the most popular courses at the University, this class focuses on how to launch and scale a technology company. Chris teaches this course each semester at Princeton University.