Princeton University’s Keller Center posted its video of Chris Kuenne discussing teaching its High Tech Entrepreneurship course.

High-Tech Entrepreneurship (EGR 491) is taught at Princeton University by Chris Kuenne, founder of Rosetta Marketing and founder and CEO of Rosemark. This hands-on course introduces students to analysis and actions required to launch and commercialize a tech company, through the use of Harvard Business School cases, visits from entrepreneurs, and two “field assignments”. You will learn conceptual frameworks and analytical techniques for evaluating technologies, markets, and commercialization strategies. Additionally, you will learn how to attract and motivate the resources needed to start a company (e.g. people, corporate partners and venture capital), prepare business plans, structure relationships, refine product-market fit, and create and grow enterprise value. Kuenne inherited High-Tech Entrepreneurship in 2013 from Ed Zschau, who taught the course at Princeton for 16 years.