Over the past two years, we have applied our investment strategy to early-stage investments but we have now evolved this approach by focusing on later-stage, growth investments alongside independent, premiere equity sponsors. Rosemark’s strategy now focuses on bringing our programmatic commercialization to mid-sized companies. Our specific differentiation appeals to equity sponsors interested in consumer-centric deals.

Rosemark has completed its first 3 investments in the leading Healthcare Technology firms Jiff, Doctor on Demand and Hixme.



  • Health & Wellness Management Platform for large Employers
  • $43.2M Series C Round

Jiff is a software/mobile platform for large employers to simplify and optimize the management and cost of running health & wellness programs for their employees. The company enhances and optimizes employee engagement to drive healthier behaviors, thereby reducing long-term healthcare costs.

The corporate health and wellness category generates $8B a year in revenue and is growing annually at 14%, driven by the need to curb healthcare costs and the incentives embedded in the Accountable Care Act.

Rosemark is working with Jiff’s management team to build out:

  • Our proprietary Personalized Marketing processes to engage and drive sustained healthy behaviors
  • Support its sales team to sign up large corporate customers


DOD logo


  • Telemedicine Company
  • $62.7M Series B Round

Doctor On Demand is a healthcare platform that provides video visits with doctors via smartphones or computers at any time of the day or night.

The company serves large employers as part of their employees’ healthcare benefits to provide employees with fast, easy and cost-effective access to some of the best Board-Certified doctors, psychologists, and other healthcare providers across the country while reducing costs.


Rosemark is collaborating with Doctor On Demand’s management team to build, install and train:

  • Rosemark’s Patient Adoption and Engagement Processes
  • A seasoned marketing organization




  • Health Benefits Platform
  • $14.1M Series B Round

Hixme is a health benefits platform that allows employers to replace traditional group health plans with personalized individual benefit bundles.

Hixme’s proprietary algorithms leverage personal consumer data to match consumers with the best coverage while optimizing costs for both employers and employees.


Rosemark is collaborating with Hixme’s management team to build and enhance:

  • Hixme’s B2B customer segmentation and sales strategy
  • Digital personalization to match consumers with the ideal Hixme bundles to increase savings and improve the user experience

To find out more about Rosemark’s hands-on engagement with the teams of our portfolio companies click here.