Rosemark’s hands-on collaboration with the management teams of its portfolio companies provides the basis for its “active” investment strategy. Driven by the principle that higher user engagement rates drive higher near term enterprise value, the Rosemark team works with the Marketing, Sales and Product teams of our portfolio Companies for 6-14 months to build out, tune, and scale a proprietary and proven programmatic approach to Enterprise Sales and Personalized Marketing.

  1. Enterprise Sales

    • Refine understanding of customers’ needs and pain points.
    • Improve leads through customer segmentation and targeted sales messaging.
    • Drive closing rates through support on hiring, training sales team.
  2. Personalized Marketing

    • Use proprietary personality segmentation to understand how needs, attitudes and beliefs drive behavior.
    • Leverage insights from personality segmentation to personalize engagement, including:
      • Media Placement
      • Email Campaigns
      • Website
      • Mobile Apps
    • Drive Engagement Rates by 1.5 – 4.5x.