Doctor on Demand

Telemedicine IT Solution


Doctor on Demand provides video visits with physicians and psychologists for a fixed fee. The company serves patients directly as well as large employers as part of their benefits programs to reduce costs. The company’s main lead-gen marketing campaign was returning sub-par enrollment and usage rates thus slowing topline growth.

Rosemark partnered with Doctor on Demand to create a personality-based segmentation, identifying 25% of the patient base responsible for 80% of usage. Utilizing the insights from the segmentation coupled with behavioral data algorithms, Rosemark partnered with the management team to create a B2B2C personalized marketing outreach email campaign that resulted in a 2.5X increase in patient registration rate.

Doctor on Demand is delivering +125% YoY revenue growth since the initial investment.


Company Profile

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year of Investment: 2015

Investment type: Participated in $67.2M Series B

Investment Status: Active