A new consortium of businesses, anchored by Rosemark Capital, opens at 90 Nassau in Princeton

article1It’s a think tank, it’s an incubator, it’s a place where the guys hang out, bounce ideas off each other, and cook up innovation. We’re not talking about 20-somethings with a coffee cup in one hand and a beer in the other in a grungy basement. This 4,000-square-foot penthouse suite at 90 Nassau Street overlooks Princeton University’s FitzRandolph Gates and Nassau Hall, and its occupants lunch at tony restaurants like Agricola. They are successful middle-aged entrepreneurs who have made a good amount of money.

At the helm of this consortium is Chris Kuenne. Having sold his fast-growing digital marketing firm, Rosetta, to Publicis, Kuenne is providing counsel and support for his successor on a regular basis. Meanwhile he has started teaching high tech entrepreneurship at Princeton University (he is a 1985 graduate) and is setting up a new private equity company, Rosemark Capital Group, which has nine people and could go to 25. He also plans some significant philanthropy, a new foundation called Olivia’s Rainbow, in honor of his daughter, who died in an accident at the age of six.

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