Each Rosemark member developed solutions through the Cornerstones that built extraordinary revenue and enterprise value.

Proof Points

Their firms specialized in financial services, technology, healthcare and professional services.

Rosetta-venn-diagramFounded by Chris Kuenne,
Founder and CEO, Rosemark Capital Group

The largest consulting-centered digital agency

40% CAGR
2 – 1,200 employees across 9 offices
$0 – $225M

Novantas-venn-diagramCo-Founded by Seamus McMahon,
General Partner, Rosemark Capital Group

Leader in data analytics for financial services

Data pivot
Business transformation
0-$45M (est.)

ABNH-venn-diagramRe-launched by Ken Traub,
General Partner, Rosemark Capital Group

Market leader for anti-counterfeiting technologies

Business transformation
Technology enablement
1000%+ increase in enterprise value