We invest in B2B2C solutions that merge Information Technology with Customer Engagement.



  1. Investment Focus

    1. Growth Stage Investments

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      Rosemark is a growth-equity firm, founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, which invests in growth stage companies operating in the Health Technology domain.
      Rosemark deploys $10M-$25M of capital in C-Level rounds by investing in companies that leverage a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) Model, with a tested and viable product that has been validated by a set of initial paying and referenceable customers.

      As former entrepreneurs who successfully built and exited a business worth more than a half billion dollars, Rosemark is actively involved with the management teams of its portfolio companies. By supporting the development and scaling of its proven approaches to Consumer/Patient Engagement, Rosemark accelerates enterprise value in the increasingly patient centric industry of healthcare.


    3. B2B2C Business Operating Models


      Rosemark seeks investment opportunities based on a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer/Patient operating model. The rationale supporting this investment criteria is based on:

      • Corporate clients (Fortune 1000) provide additional validation to Rosemark’s assessment, thereby mitigating market acceptance risk
      • Corporate agreements are commonly associated with multi-year revenue contracts thus creating greater company resiliency

    5. Financial Discipline

      Early stage management teams tend to be overly confident in their product and/or market demand, which when combined with readily available capital, frequently results in overly aggressive spending at each stage of growth. Cost Control and Financial Rigor are core operating principles that Rosemark assesses during its due diligence process and applies throughout its investment in each portfolio company. Our rigorous approach ensures careful stewardship of our LP’s capital in booming as well challenging economic environments.


  3. Domain Knowledge – Health Tech


    The shift from a “Fee for Service” model to one based on “Pay for Performance” is driving the consumerization of the healthcare industry. As a consequence, skills in personalized marketing are becoming a key driver of Enterprise Value for many B2B2C Health Technology companies. With 30+ years of hands-on experience in Digital Healthcare Marketing, Rosemark possesses distinctive domain and functional knowledge in Health Tech.

    Combined with our operating experience, Rosemark is uniquely positioned to select the right investment opportunities and support portfolio company management teams in accelerating enterprise value.