The winners in digital health must create personalized patient experiences. That’s why we teamed up with Rosemark as strategic investors to help us build and implement the most robust personalized patient experience across all platforms in video physician visits.                                       Adam Jackson, Co-Founder & CEO of Doctor On Demand


Rosemark’s hands-on collaboration with the management teams of its portfolio companies provides the basis for its “active” investment strategy. Driven by the principle that higher user engagement rates drive higher near term enterprise value, the Rosemark team works with the Marketing, Sales and Product teams of our portfolio Companies to build out, tune, and scale a proprietary and proven approach to Personalized Marketing and Consumer/Patients Adoption & Engagement. Grounded in a market-tested methodology, Rosemark’s approach is structured in two phases:

  • Phase I
    Starting with an in-depth Behavioral Analysis of the Company’s existing user base, our team focuses in identifying the attitudinal traits, underlying needs and preferences that influence a user’s consideration and reason for signing up and using the Company’s solution.

    By merging behavioral data with attitudinal traits, Rosemark is able to create and define a set of discrete, high-resolution Personality-Based User Segments. Each User Segment is defined by a unique set of core beliefs, key behaviors, likelihood to adopt the Company’s product and motivation for engagement and usage. Driven by the strategic priorities of the Company and deep user insights, the Rosemark team collaborates with each portfolio company to design and create an initial set of pilots which are tested and optimized to identify the most effective approaches to registration and engagement.

  • Phase II
    During Phase II, the Rosemark team focuses on operationalizing the approach. The winners are grafted into production and the process is then repeated in order to create a dynamic set of processes that drive progressively higher level of registration, usage and adoption. Working side by side with the Company’s data engineers, Rosemark will embed the winning solutions, making them an integral part of each portfolio company’s intellectual property.